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McDonald’s Bigger Bolder Vision 2020: Start Planning Now for Favorable Financial Outcomes

Posted by Geri Stanus on Tue, Jun 6, 2017

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eye with swoosh eyelashes 2020 - ocean blue.pngMcDonald’s recent webcast on Bigger Bolder Vision 2020 presented a significant amount of information and with it – no doubt – raised questions on how Owner/Operators should plan for the required investments.

As was emphasized by the presenters, the time to start planning is NOW using a DISCIPLINED approach by LEVERAGING YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORS and the available TOOLS.

financial viabilityWe agree with the recommendations offered during the webcast and would like to offer some others, as well:

  • Be sure you are working with a CPA who fully understands the McDonald’s system and the BBV2020 program. Have a discussion with her or him in the near-term to discuss your goals to help develop your plan.
  • Talk with your banker to let them know how you’d like to proceed through the process.
  • Connect your banker and your CPA for a coordinated discussion on your plans.
  • Determine the best company participation method for each required investment considering not only the specific investment but also your current organization financial position. We can run an analysis for you with different scenarios weighing the tax effects and the projected cash flow impact of the investments.
  • Work with your CPA in developing your business plan which should incorporate the effect of the projected results of operations throughout the reinvestment process and thereafter, including your financial ratios and resultant buying power.
  • Fully leverage all the tools available to you, including the 3-year planning tool, enhanced 5-year reinvestment tool, profit generator, etc. If you do not have an advisor who can fully model the program, tap into the knowledge that can be found with the Concannon Miller team.

As BBV2020 evolves, there will be many questions and opportunities. Concannon Miller’s team is ready to help our clients navigate the program. Please contact one of our McDonald’s specialists if you have questions or to discuss how to approach your plan and next steps.

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