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Expatriate Tax Services: What to Look for in a CPA (Video)

Posted by Jane Spradlin on Tue, Aug 14, 2018

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Concannon Miller provides white glove service to its expatriate clients, providing ongoing communication to ensure tax returns are filed accurately and timely. The firm’s affiliates in 90 different countries allows it to perform expatriate taxation services to just about any international company.

Watch the video below, or read on for more information:


Traditionally expatriate taxation has been the forte of large multi-national firms.

We provide a very white glove approach to handling our clients. We are in constant communication to ensure that nobody is surprised by the outcome of their tax liability or refund at the end of the year.

Here at Concannon Miller, we have over 200 affiliates in 90 different countries. These affiliations allow Concannon Miller to compete at a very competitive price point.

There's ongoing communication between the client and the client company to ensure that tax returns are filed timely, tax returns are not missed, even foreign tax returns are properly assessed and filed.

Some of the services that Concannon Miller provides for ex-pat programs include:

  • Onboarding for new ex-pats
  • Outboarding for returning ex-pats
  • Shadow payroll administration
  • Accounting accrual work to account for equalization and U.S. and foreign tax payments
  • Hypothetical and equalization tax calculations

If you're an ex-pat or have an ex-pat program and have been experiencing a lack of attention, perhaps Concannon Miller can help. 

Learn more about Concannon Miller's ex-patriot taxation services by contacting Jane Spradlin, CPA, at jspradlin@concannonmiller.com or 610-433-5501.

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