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What 2017’s Economic Uncertainty May Mean for Your Business Valuation

Posted by Checkpoint Marketing on Tue, Feb 7, 2017

Businesses currently face numerous uncertainties in the marketplace.

As President Trump and Republican congressional leaders work toward fulfilling their campaign promises, tax laws could substantially change, the estate tax could be repealed, and various laws and regulations – including the Dodd-Frank and Affordable Care Acts – could be repealed or revised.

Interest rates and inflation could both rise. Economic relationships with other countries could also change.

Some of these changes could be good for your business, while others could have negative effects on the value of your business.

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10 Times It’s Essential to Seek a Business Valuation

Posted by Checkpoint Marketing on Thu, Oct 20, 2016

Most business owners are reactive when it comes to having their businesses valued. But it sometimes pays to be proactive. Some valuations are necessities, such as for determining the value of the business interest in an estate. Others are obtained for more elective reasons but are helpful to business owners nevertheless.

It is a good to review these common valuation scenarios, so you can identify when it's time to obtain your own valuation. Below are 10 primary reasons to have your business or a business interest valued:

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