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IRS: Delinquent Taxpayers Could Expect Unannounced Visit

Posted by Tony Deutsch on Thu, Dec 5, 2019

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money - hammer - greenThe IRS has announced its agents will be conducting unannounced in-person meetings with delinquent business and individual taxpayers.

The IRS routinely conducts these face-to-face visits, it said in an announcement last month. The primary purpose of these visits is to make contact with taxpayers with a previously known tax issue that wasn’t resolved through mail contact, the agency said.

These meetings are scheduled in areas with a limited number of available revenue officers due to declining IRS resources. The first face-to-face contact from a revenue officer is almost always unannounced.

During these visits, revenue officers interview taxpayers to gather financial information and provide necessary steps to become and remain compliant with the law. If someone has an outstanding federal tax debt, the IRS will request payment but will provide a range of payment options, the agency said.

The IRS said in-person visits typically occur after numerous contacts by mail about an existing tax issue, and that affected taxpayers should be aware they have a tax issue when these visits occur.

The IRS cautioned taxpayers that visits from revenue agents shouldn’t be confused as a scam. IRS agents will always provide two forms of official credentials; both include a serial number and photo of the IRS employee. Taxpayers have the right to see each of these credentials.

If visited by the IRS, you could request to meet another time at their office and with your CPA along. Find additional information on identifying legitimate IRS representatives and how to report scams here.

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